Connections! me, you, we, wider

Moving with our instinctual longing to be in relation; with self, another, others, spirit

Taught by: Monika Korschner

Jul 9 2017

Sunday 10am - 5pm


When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things' - Armand Dimele –

4 part Series, but each part can be taken as a stand alone
Sunday 12th of February – Solitude; our instinctual longing to know and be with yourself - completed
Sunday 26th of March – Connection; our instinctual longing to be in connection with another
Sunday 11th of June – Belong; our instinctual longing to belong to a group
Sunday 9th of July – Source; our instinctual longing to connect with something larger then ourselves. 

In life and on the dance floor you are always and in all ways in relationship. With yourself, with another, with others and with that which is larger than you. Relating fulfils your natural human primal needs, your instinctual longings. They bring aliveness, vitality and the possibility of continues development to your life.

However to be honest: moving through these relationships can feel like a true jungle. In one kind of connection you feel at home, in another you feel more challenged. In one you’re more skilled, in another you are aching for. Perhaps moving away where your long for and moving towards what you know already but do not desire. 

During these workshops we dive deeper in the wilderness of being in relationship with self, each other and spirit. Through dynamic and tender dances in combination with related exercises we will explore how they move your body, affect your heart and how your mind is involved. Moving towards personal keys to feel more free and fluid within and between connections.

Every workshop day we will give attention to one kind of connection. However at the same time, they are so inextricably linked that actually all types of relationships will be present on the dance floor.  These workshops offer both basics for newcomers as enough depth for experienced dancers.

€ 65 per workshop
€ 210 for all 4 days if paid in full by February 12, 2017
€ 57,50 per workshop if paid in full, two weeks beforehand the day of the workshop  

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Body Language, Relationship

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Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Shiva Yoga Center
Lindenlaan 75
1183 EK Amstelveen (Amsterdam)

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