Libido Fundamentals

3 full days

Taught by: Monika Korschner

October 27 - 29 2017

Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm


Your creative sexual energy – your Libido – is an essential part of the body’s natural expression and movement potential. It can bring great pleasure, profound healing and deep connection. However, getting to and maintaining a harmonious relationship with sexual feelings can be a complex, unnerving and mysterious journey that we are often expected to figure out by ourselves.

Libido Fundamentals begins this complex and creative investigation by introducing the basics of using movement meditation as a means to ground, and explore the physical language of our sexual energy. As our hearts and bodies awaken through the movement meditation practice, our sexual energy also begins to stir. On the dance floor, we may feel juicy, radiant, and desirable one moment and feel guilty, awkward, and shy in the next. We may feel overwhelmed by our own experience – or by the sexual energies around us – or feel flat, disconnected, or just plain left out. Because sexuality is so often underground, ignored, or unconsciously acted out, the exploration of this territory tends to be intense, liberating, intimate and powerful. The potential pleasure and beauty of this journey is well worth the challenges and the risks.

There is no explicit sexual content or exercises, we will start to track how and who we are – our conditioning, gender, culture, social mores, dreams, memories, families – what aids or obstructs our ability to move with our innate sexual life force and ability to relate. Using movement and enquiry as a tool for discovery.

Monika danced her whole life and attended various professional trainings in which dance was connected to body work, personal development and spirituality. She is a certified 5Rhythms® and OpenFloor teacher and teaches movement for almost 20 years. She is trained by Andrea Juhan, co-founder of OpenFloor, to teach this specific workshop. For more details about her work and background see:

Prior experience of 12 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance practice is advised.

Cost (3 ful days): €240,
early bird
€210 if fully paid by 25 September,
€185 if fully paid by 31 July


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Experience Required
Prior experience of 12 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.


De Hoeksteen Basisschool
H. Kamerlingh Onnesweg 74 (entrance backside of school: Bremstraat 1)

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Linda Kant

+31 611234228