Structure of Therapy in Motion Training

The Therapy in Motion Module is 10-day course. It can be taken as part of the Therapy in Motion Teacher Training track, which means it can be taken as a Module 2 or as a 4th module. Or Therapy in Motion can be taken as a Stand Alone program for qualified therapists who want to add more embodiment to their client work but don't necessarily want to take the full Teacher Training program. Future plans include more Therapy in Motion Modules and more subjects and training in Open Floor Encounter work.

On Completion of Therapy in Motion, therapists will be able to:

  • Help your clients to listen and track the sensations and impulses of their bodies.
  • Use the wisdom of their own physical experience in the therapeutic encounter.
  • Track the cycles of activation and settling, pulsations, impulse, and other micro-movements that naturally occur in the client's body during therapy sessions.
  • Help transition your clients from talk therapy modalities into therapeutic movement explorations and expression.
  • Find the possible meanings and significance of non-verbal experience and communication.
  • Blend/integrate a body, or ‘bottom-up’ approach to therapy with a mind or ‘top-down’ approach.
  • Improve competencies in healing attachment wounds, helping clients to resource themselves through embodied movement practices.
  • Find the possible meanings and significance of non-verbal experience and communication.
  • Use specific tools to facilitate inner movements becoming conscious and integrated into full congruent expression.

This program assumes that:

  • You are a trained, accredited and working therapist.
  • You have a high level of emotional intelligence.
  • You have a rounded education in psychological dynamics and experience in therapeutic practice.
  • You are a clinician who respects and values the place of body and movement in the psychotherapeutic encounter.


  • At least thirty hours of conscious dance practice (plus commitment to on-going movement practice)
  • A Masters level graduate degree
  • At least three years or 300 hours of supervised experience
  • Participation in an Open Floor “Ground Floor Lab”
  • Therapy in Motion is open to movement, art, drama, and music therapists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and mental health counsellors from a variety of backgrounds

Ready to join us:

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