Therapy in Motion at Work

Therapy in Motion focuses primarily on up-skilling therapists in their individual work with clients. The intention of Therapy in Motion is to help healthcare professionals create somatic exercises, experiments, and interventions that support a client with the issues they bring at a cellular level. Through mindful, embodied experience of what is, we can begin to help clients find their own creative possibilities and reflect on their own range of choices. Additionally, through the actual practice of moving and dancing, we resource the body-mind system in a way that gives a client the capacity and resources to make desired changes which build towards healthy transformation.

Therapy in Motion students and clients learn to take refuge in movement. They learn how to include the different aspects of life into their embodied movement through life.

Clients who engage in Therapy in Motion therapeutic sessions can expect to:

  • Learn how to resource themselves through movement.
  • Use movement as an effective method of integrating the different aspects of their lives
  • Learn how to shift fixed patterns when needed, and when to stabilize what is too fluid and in flux.
  • Uncover unconscious limiting habits and move towards more creative possibilities and a wider range of choices.