What a Shame

Taught by: Cathy Ryan

April 21-23, 2017

Friday 7-9:30pm, Sat 10am-5pm and Sun 10am-4pm


We are extraordinary creatures, full of emotions, thoughts, creativity, movement, love, longing and sticky bits of mess ... places where we get stuck with the free flow of being who we are. Where we can get stuck in being with ourselves and each other with a compassionate listening heart.

Toxic shame is one of the places that leads us into disconnect – with ourselves, each other and our full place in the world around us. The shame that whispers, there’s something wrong with you – hide!

We will look at how shame can contract, harden and stagnate our life force, so our joy has no place to go and our compassion shuts down – these things happen, it’s part of being human.

Usually we do try to hide when this happens to us – and shame comes along. We hide, we don’t trust that we will still be accepted and loved, we try to cover up when we get a bit messy, shut down.

Conscious of negative behaviour, conscious of hiding and feeling stuck with it – we can feel shame.

Through Open Floor Movement Practice including inquiry, witnessing and reflection, we will explore the role of toxic shame in our emotional landscapes.

We will invite the mover in us to open up to the fluidity of who we are, unravel some of the places we get stuck or hide in.

Paradoxically, often when we move what it is we’re hiding, who we are warts and all, it brings us straight into connection with others. We show our vulnerability and we begin to see each other and recognise ordinary and extraordinary, tendm

Fee: €190
Early Bird: €175 if paid in full by March 1, 2017

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Emotional Intelligence, Mind Matters

Experience Level

Experience Required
Prior experience of 10 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.


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