Soul Retrieval

Taught by: Nele Vandezande

July 3-6, 2017



As human beings, we are born in a certain family and in a certain society. Both factors influence the emphasis we receive in our upbringing. In our Western society, mostly on physical and mental abilities are emphasized. The mental stress our children experience is ever increasing, and as such the impact of our mental body on our lives increases tremendously.

Emotional intelligence is seldom taught and when we mention the word soul, either there is a value judgement or we don’t really know what it is. The reason for this is the very early split between the world of our personality and our soul.

Our personality is shaped through our upbringing, cultural and social norms and genetic disposition. We become who we are supposed to become. Our soul or our core is not subject to all these influences, but is always present. Our soul is who we really are. You can compare our personality and our soul to a car and driver. Our soul needs a car (personality) to be able to manifest its soul qualities on earth. Without the personality, the soul is nothing. However, when we only live through our personality, we lack a feeling of being, of connection and of the right to exist. When our body and soul are aligned, it allows us to live our essence from within our soul and manifest our soul qualities to serve society. In most people, some sort of ‘rift’ has developed between both: they do not know their soul talents are and what they here on earth for.

In this summer week, we will explore the conflict or rift between our personality and our soul and learn to remove e it. We start a dialogue with our soul powers and learn how to put these into motion and to use them in our lives and professions. We will travel to the world of the soul and see how our soul is part of a much larger group soul.

We do this through open floor movement, body work, ceremonies, energetic and shamanistic work.

Fee: 350 Euros

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Body Language, Soul

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Prior experience of 20 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.


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8560 Moorsele , VWV

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