Encounter: Meeting the Moment

Taught by: Andrea Juhan

May 5-7, 2017

Friday and Saturday 11am-6pm | Sunday 11am-4:00pm


Open Floor Encounter is an exhilarating group process containing elements of Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP), psychodrama, movement and somatic psychotherapy. 

To encounter someone, something or someplace, implies that it’s unexpected or a surprise meeting. To encounter the moment means to be face to face with something unknown.  In movement practice we train ourselves to stay open and curious, centered and responsive at the front edge of any Encounter, counterbalancing our innate primal reaction to fight, flee, freeze or friend.

Within a supportive and challenging environment, we create a ‘safe emergency’ – a situation intense enough to get our attention and supportive enough that we risk moving beyond our habitual patterns.

Open Floor Encounter straddles the middle ground between the edgy, pioneer spirit of group ‘Encounter’ of the 60’s, with the sophistication and finesse of more recent psychotherapeutic insights and the resources of embodied movement. Artfully graceful, unpredictable and infinitely creative this process calls forth both our maturity and innate wisdom.

Price € 380,- / 350,- if paid in full by April 1

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Emotional Intelligence, Mind Matters

Experience Level

Experience Required
Prior experience of 12 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.


Gemeindehaus Schwarenberg
70188 Stuttgart

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Amala Petra Storm


+49 (0) 711 607 6724