The Burdens and Blessings of Belong and Exile

Taught by: Deborah Jay-Lewin

April 8-12, 2017

Starts at 2pm, Ends at 8:30pm


Deep Eco-Psychology and Embodied Movement with Paul J Howell & Deborah Jay-Lewin

We are hard-wired relational creatures, blessed with an innate sense of belonging. Despite our amnesias, escapist addictions and elaborate anxiety-management techniques, there is no ‘off-switch’ for our need of each other.

Yet we live in cultures of isolation. It’s understandable we develop a myriad ways to stay asleep and disconnected. Addicted to individualism we respond with fear and hostility toward those we do not understand. We unconsciously perpetuate conflict, escalating the degree to which we cut off from ourselves and each other.

To inhabit the full potential of our humanity we each have to risk an embodied soul-centric connection to one another. Life calls us to honour the burdens and blessings of our belonging: to the earth and all we are interdependent with. Awakening form the deep trance of separation is no small feat. This is our invitation to you.

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Relationship, Soul

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