Taught by: Kathy Altman

April 14-16, 2017

Friday 7-9:30pm | Saturday 11am - 6pm | Sunday 11am - 5pm


You cannot be truthful, if you are not courageous

You cannot be loving, if you are not courageous

You cannot be trusting, if you are not courageous

You cannot inquire into reality, if you are not courageous

Hence courage comes first, and everything else follows.    - Osho


Our true nature is to love and be loved. But great love takes great courage, and the uncertainty of life shakes our faith.

To cultivate courage means to live with a full heart: to consciously embrace our insecurities and fears, voice our truth knowing it is never the whole truth, move towards risk and cultivate faith. By cultivating our ever-present vulnerability as a strength, we build our bravery muscles.

The result? A deeper intimacy with life, each other, and the mystery of each moment. Our tool kit will include exploration through dance, verbal inquiry, art and meditation. Please join us. 

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Emotional Intelligence, Relationship

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Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Tamalpais Valley Community Center
203 Marin Ave.
94941 Mill Valley , CA
United States

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