Bare Bones

Taught by: Juliana Barrett

October 6-8, 2017

Friday 7.30 - 10pm, Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 11am - 5pm


Body language on the dance floor


The reward of dance is not money or fame.


It’s intoxication – drunk on creativity.

…Robertson Jeffers

Bare Bones is a dance meditation for building muscular intelligence, the ability to be awake and fluid, to articulate the innate symphony of wisdom and expression waiting just below our skin.

We ask our bodies and let them speak:

  • What part of me has forgotten how to move?
  • Where am I fluid and where am I bound?
  • What gestures purr, hum, hurt, hesitate?
  • Who do I gravitate towards?
  • What propels me to shy away and…
  • What makes my body sing?

Our inquiry becomes one of ratio: How much of our huge life force is devoted to keeping ourselves moving in repetitive, habitual patterns? How much is left for creativity, loving connections, the willing surrender to change?

It’s a dance to get up and make a cup of coffee if we pay attention. To paraphrase Louis C.K. “We’re a masterpiece of movement and nobody’s noticing.” In every moment, we are literally being pushed and pulled, drawn and lifted up, being thrown off balance and finding it again.

The goal is a body that moves with it all and tells the tale. This is the infinite choreography for Bare Bones.

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