KörperRaum - BodySpace

Space in the body - body in space

Taught by: Anna Schricker

May 20-21, 2017

Sa, 10am-5pm, Sun, 10am-5pm


In this workshop we focus on our inner space as well as our relations to what is outside us. Becoming aware of our body sensations, emotions, mental state we follow impulses into movement and dance. We are invited to find an intimate connection with our inner self and to open up for connection with others. Open Floor Movement Practice helps us to learn to localise and express our sensations in the body, to explore the matrix of our relations and to invite all that we humans are into the dance.

Becoming more fluid we find aliveness and release - our inner and outer space expands.

This workshop counts as 12 hours towards Open Floor Teacher Training.


Body Language, Relationship

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Annagasse 5
6800 Dornbirn

For more information contact:

Anna Schricker


0043 681 10350600