The Witness & the Dancer

Open Floor Weekend Workshop Residential

Taught by: Amala Petra Storm

October 27-29, 2017

6pm - 4pm last day


Open Floor Movement invites us to deeply immerse in the our body and his dance. Most of us love the feeling of becoming one with the moves of our bodies. At the same time, there is a part within us, that is aware of what happens, a part that senses and observes.

We call it Witness

In our everyday’s life we are often too engaged with our life roles, moods and emotional baggage, thus acting unconsciously in recurring patterns. Many times we cannot distance ourselves from these patterns. In this course, we will use the wisdom and intelligence of the witness to perceive ourselves and to receive support from within ourselves as well as from outside: our group members. We will experience to observe ourselves through the eyes of a compassionate Self. Within this mutual space of selves, internal processes can happen, whereof the next moves evolve.  Out of this a new freedom of choice arises together with the deep acceptance of who you are.

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Body Language, Emotional Intelligence

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Seminarhaus Sonnenstrahl Kißlegg
Sebastian Kneipp Street 1
88353 Kißlegg , BW

For more information contact:

Amala Petra Storm


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