In your Element

Taught by: Monika Korschner

September 10, 2017

13.30h - 16.30h


"In Nature we never see anything isolated,
But everything in connection with something else which is
Before it, beside it, under it, and over it."
- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe  -

Moving with the elements as metaphor, teacher, partner and mirror to work with our hungers  to be in connection with our selves, others, group and spirit.  

During this afternoon  we dance both inside and outdoors in direct connection with nature, seasons, weather, your intuition, the primordial elements. With your feet on the ground in the grass, surrounded by wind and trees, fresh air in your lungs, near water, maybe in rain, sunshine, storm or around open fire.
This allows you to experience the strength and effect of the elements as concrete as possible. And nature will, in all simplicity, tranquillity and wealth, reflect its pure state of being.  This will invite and challenge you to move more to your essential self(s), to dance what really lives inside and around. Exploring  how we can be more in our element in contact with ourselves alone and with the world around us.

When you are in your element, it gives a sense of well-being. It is being in your most natural environment where your talents and passions come to life. That place where you feel at home with your  uniqueness. Both in connection with yourself, as with others. This feeling of 'being in your element' is for us human being indispensable in life without this we cannot live. It gives us a sense of life!

Every afternoon we will focus on one element and one hunger.  

Fee: € 25 per afternoon 

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Body Language, Relationship

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


De Ruimte Amstelveen
Kostverlorenweg 1d

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Monika Korschner