States of Being

Taught by: Deborah Jay-Lewin

November 24-26, 2017

Friday - 7:30-10pm | Saturday 11am-6pm | Sunday - 11am-5pm


The state of your being influences your capacity to focus, relate and be authentic in life. Interacting with and embodying physical sensations, emotional nuances or thoughtful imaginings, with accompanying textural richness, can add vividness to your dance.

Over the course of the weekend some dancers will work individually with Deborah, allowing the precise wisdom of the body to be our guiding principle. Witnessed and supported by the rest of the group, our compassionate field will amplify the possibility of transformation for all present. Together we will follow what emerges onto the Open Floor, dancing the uniqueness of our internal states.

"My time with Deborah in one-on-one movement process restored my creative intelligence and regenerated my body from the level of Soul. I am grateful for her fine attunement.  Deborah can identify what is neglected and track it back home into integration for life congruence. The result is wholeness and gratitude."  ...Stephanie Mines, PhD

Fees:  295 CHF Social ++  |   285CHF Regular    |    235CHF Low income

35CHF for Friday Evening Only

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Emotional Intelligence, Group Process

Experience Level

Experience Required
Prior experience of 14 hours in Open Floor or other Conscious Dance Practice required.



For more information contact:

Johanna Risse

+41 (0) 797988745