Advisory Board

Christine Price

Christine Price came to Esalen Institute as a student in 1971. Her participation in a two week Gestalt workshop led to a partnership with Richard Price, co-founder of Esalen, and began her life-long engagement with the study, practice and teaching of this approach. Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP) is best viewed as a sport and an art, as well as a form of spiritual practice. Developing a greater capacity to be present in our lives is the motivation, and working with whatever arises is the means for that development. Therefore, the process is aimed at inquiry and discovery rather than problem solving. Chris teaches primarily in Aptos, CA and continues to lead workshops throughout the USA, Japan, and Europe.

Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra L. Stone, PhD

As the founders of Voice Dialogue and the originators of the Psychology of Selves, Hal and Sidra Stone have spent the last 35 years developing a body of work that has excited the minds and touched the hearts of people all over the world. It has transcended national boundaries and cultural differences to allow a kind of connection between people that is entirely new. This work has shown people how to look at themselves differently and – in doing so – it bridges the distances between them.

John Schinnerer

John is a design consultant and teacher who develops cultural and ecological systems for a variety of public, private, and nonprofit clients. Since 1996, he has worked and published in the realms of human relationships, governance and decision-making systems, appropriate technology and ecological design. He applies his wide-ranging observations of ecological systems and cultural patterns in his approach to Dynamic Governance design and facilitation.

The methods, tools and techniques that John offers invite clients to maximize clarity, honesty, and integrity while also enhancing individual and group efficiency and effectiveness – in other words, to get things done and have more fun! He helps organizations recognize that success is determined by how well those involved work, play, and make decisions together.

Marc Altshuler

Marc is the founding partner of human. Human composes original music and sound design for TV commercials and films, and is one of the most successful and largest music production companies in North America. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, human's 16 composers produce original music for over 600 television commercials a year, for the biggest names in media. human has won numerous advertising awards; 16 Cannes Lions, 14 Clios, 11 London International Advertising Awards, 4 ANDY Awards, and the award for best use of music for 89th annual Art Directors Club Award.

Murat Armbruster

Murat Armbruster is the founder and CEO of CoEfficient, LLC, which develops and deploys financing solutions for emerging technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. He spent time at the Carbon War Room, establishing and running its energy efficiency operation. Murat also served a term as a member of the Republic of Palau’s United Nations climate change delegation at the Conference of Parties (COP). A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded one of the first clean technology hedge funds in the United States, Atlas Capital Investments. He speaks Mandarin, has a black belt in karate, and resides in San Francisco, California.