Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Floor International?

Open Floor International is a collaboration of seasoned movement teachers from around the world who fell in love with the dance and have been personally healed by it.  We are also artists, therapists, techies, professors, athletes, and actors, joining together to share what we have learned from decades as teachers and movers.

What is Open Floor Movement Practice?

All healing movement practices spring from the same source. When we shift from a room full of solitary moving silos to a unified field, from dancing to being danced, from seeking spirit to being spirit in motion – these are the moments we kiss the ground. 

Open Floor Movement Practice synthesizes the universal wisdom that underlies all movement practices.  Breath, freedom, awareness, connection to others, self-expression, unbridled creativity, emotional fluidity, mindfulness, community, meditation – these and more can be found on the Open Floor.

Isn’t Open Floor Andrea Juhan’s process work?

Fifteen years ago Andrea designed an original group process she named Open Floor, which combined the 5Rhythms®, Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP), and her training as a psychotherapist.  This process has evolved to become Open Floor  Encounter.

We realize that the philosophy, practice, and heart of Open Floor reflect the keys to how we teach everything: be it movement, art, writing, psychological insight or meditation.

Can I train to be an Open Floor teacher?

Yes. we are accepting applicants on an on-going basis. Start here.

How do I register?

To hold a space in any of workshops, payment is required. We accept PayPal, cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Go to the calendar, find the workshop that you are interested in and register online. You can also call our office at 415-887-9399, or email us at

For Open Floor Saturdays, Open Floor Sundays, or Movement Meditation on Thursdays, you are welcome to drop in and pay at the door.

Is there an early registration discount?

For workshops offered locally, there is a 10% discount for 30-day advance registration. Payment in full is required. 

What if I am late to a class or workshop?

In most cases the doors close 30 minutes after the start of the session. People will not be admitted after that as it disrupts the session. Please arrive early so you can be in the room and warmed up before the meditation begins.

What should I wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear to an exercise or yoga class. Most people dance barefoot, but if you choose, you can wear dance shoes. Please do not wear shoes that you have worn outside. This helps keep the floors in good condition.

What about children?

Anyone over 13 is welcome, and children between the ages of 10-13 are welcome with an adult. Infants may attend if held by a parent at all times, and they must wear adequate ear protection.

What is the cancellation policy for workshops?

Cancellation up to 30 days before an event: refund minus a $25 fee

Cancellation 14-29 days before the event: refund minus a $50 fee

No refunds less than 14 days from the start of a workshop

Any fees paid can be applied to a future program minus a $50 administration fee