Andrea Juhan, Ph.D.

I love the wild passionate fun of dancing. Always have, always will. Dance taught me how to tolerate myself. To not be afraid of the intensity I felt inside and to actually enjoy it. 

I love moving but I’m a real geek about it with a crazy passion to learn. Hence, my MA degree in Somatic Psychology, and my doctorate in Dance and Movement Therapy.

I have had the good fortune to be a student and teacher in three rich learning communities: Esalen Institute, where I studied Gestalt Awareness Practice with Chris and Dick Price, movement with Anna and Daria Halprin, and Gabrielle Roth, and early childhood education with the founder of the Gazebo school, Janet Letterman.

From my training with Gabrielle Roth, I taught 5Rhythms® for over thirty years and helped to found The Moving Center School in California. I am deeply grateful for the love and guidance Gabrielle gave me which helped me to develop Open Floor fifteen years ago.

I also enjoyed being involved in a  clinical learning community as a licensed... read more

Kathy Altman

I have been fascinated with dance and movement all my life. Having studied almost every form of dance, my first love is the one where you make up your own steps. 

The 5Rhythms® and Gabrielle Roth have been my teacher for nearly forty years. I've collaborated with Gabrielle to bring her work out into the world and helped to birth her first two books, Maps to Ecstasy and Sweat Your Prayers.  

Along with Andrea Juhan and Lori Saltzman, I co-founded The Moving Center School in California, which was the teacher training arm for the 5Rhythms® and has become one of the largest dancing communities in North America. 

Open Floor International is the new organization I am co-creating to offer the healing work I've found in all movement practices from dance to yoga.  

I consider two of my greatest accomplishments to be my 32 plus year relationship with my partner, Lori and the fact that my 17 year old son, Daniel, still talks to me about almost everything.

Lori Saltzman

My first job as a sex educator for the public schools taught me everything I needed to know about teaching and sweating. I spent years creating radical health programs for the AIDS Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and others.

Never one to consider myself a dancer, at 26 I stumbled into my first movement workshop. With the first beat of the drum my body said "home" -- I've never looked back. The same vital force that wed me to movement led me to study in meditation, writing and creativity. As a teacher, I've spent decades investigating the potent blend of movement practice with meditation, the arts, and the natural human hungers to move and connect.  It is a vast territory, infinitely deep and endlessly creative.  

For many years Gabrielle Roth and I were friends, co-writers and collaborators as we trained hundreds of teachers and grew the 5Rhythms mission from a seed to a global phenomenon. It was a magic carpet ride for which I am forever grateful.

My passion now lives on the Open Floor, an amazing... read more

Vic Cooper

Be useful, unique, updated – and keep moving.

I am curious about what the source code of movement is. What is possible on the dance floor if we keep opening to what is happening rather than what we want to happen? Movement is spirit made manifest. It is intersection of what never changes with what always changes. I’m fascinated with dancing this most primary relationship.  

My journey into movement practice and teaching began with a harebrained idea in 1986 to drive across the country in a little white truck from Oklahoma to Big Sur, California to wash dishes at Esalen Institute. Here I met Andrea, fell in love with her, started dancing the 5Rhythms® (mostly for the staccato and chaos, I have to admit) and immersed myself in the therapeutic community there centered around Gestalt Awareness Practice. I followed Andrea to Mill Valley, CA in 1991. We got married and with very little idea of what I was doing or why I spent the next 12 years going to countless 5Rhythms® classes and workshops with Kathy, Lori, Gabrielle... read more