Open Floor Posters

Open Floor International is happy to present the following posters for sale showing some of our Core Movement Resources:

  • Activate and Settle
  • Center
  • Dissolve
  • Expand and Contract
  • Ground
  • Release
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Vector

Also included:

  • Move and Include
  • Find it, Feel it, Fuel it

What you need to know:

  • We are selling these posters as digital downloads that you can print. 
  • Use the posters in your workshops!  Or just decorate your workspace!
  • Portrait size:  27 inches by 39 inches, 300 DPI
  • Landscape size:  39 inches by 27 inches, 300 DPI
  • 300 DPI will enable you to print them at a high quality for this size or anything smaller.

Photo Credits:  Duncan Green, Joseph Machado, Vic Cooper

Poster Design: Vic Cooper

You can purchase individually or as a set.  Once you have completed your purchase we will send you the digital files.

Activate and Settle10.00usd
Expand and Contract10.00usd
Find it Feel it Fuel it10.00usd
Full Set of Posters100.00usd
Move and Include10.00usd
Spatial Awareness10.00usd
Total of Selected Items0.00

Find it Fuel it