Open Floor Advanced Programs

A flexible, self paced education program for bringing embodiment and mindful movement into your personal and professional life.

Deepen Your Practice and Learn to Powerfully Lead and Relate to Others

Today more than ever, our families, communities, and nations desperately need skilled and compassionate leaders and educators to support healing, connection, and growth.

Open Floor education programs are designed to equip you with the tools, know-how, and confidence you need to facilitate alternative and life -affirming ways to relate to self and others in challenging times of disconnection, injustice, and conflict.

The time is now! Are you ready to join the movement revolution?

"To be embodied is an act of revolution.

Open Floor movement practice is more than dance. It's a dynamic way of being in the world. These programs help individuals find ways of taking embodiment into everyday life, especially to the places they work."

— Joseph Machado, San Francisco, USA

Who Are Advanced Programs For?

Open to professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, our Advanced Programs are ideal if you are looking to enhance your personal practice, deepen your knowledge of mindful movement education, and gain new skills to integrate embodiment across disciplines such as, but not limited to, healthcare, social services, business, education, and the arts.

Open Floor Immersions and Online Learning Programs can be taken individually or as part of our specialized trainings tracks. Pre-requisites for all advanced programs include either the Ground Floor Lab or the Therapy in Motion Lab. 







The arts

Our graduates are taking Open Floor movement practice into many fields in over 30 countries around the world. Populations who would otherwise never have had access to embodied movement practices are experiencing mindfulness and healing for the first time with extraordinary results.



A deep dive into Open Floor movement practice with our highly experienced and talented teaching team, these in person programs offer intensive personal practice and a deeper understanding of its relevance to daily life.

The Immersions are also an opportunity to meet and connect with a community of like minded movers.

With a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more inclusive, we offer local immersions, and are expanding our teaching to more languages than just English. 
Open Floor Immersions are held in countries around the world including various locations in USA, Europe, UK, Australia & New Zealand.



Physical embodiment refers to the process of becoming present, rooted, sensitive, and alive in the body. It is a sense of being at home in one’s skin.

In this immersion you will develop a sensate awareness of:

  • Being at home in one’s skin
  • Beginning with where we are in space, where our body begins and ends
  • Breath, sensation, weight, gravity
  • Physical movement impulses: how they arise and pass through the body
  • Tracking activation and settling in the nervous system, as it is occurring
  • Basic anatomical structures and functions – how different body parts feel when we move
  • How our muscular and skeletal systems relate to and interact with the other major systems in the body


This immersion focuses on quality of consciousness and emotional intelligence.

Emotional embodiment refers to the process of learning to become wise, resilient and creative in relation to our own and other’s emotions. It refers to our capacity to feel emotion and to remain present and creative in all four domains of relationship (alone, with a partner, in a group, and in relation to spirit).

In this immersion you will develop insights and skills to become emotionally embodied. You will:

  • Have a physical language for your emotions, and can move creatively with them
  • Be able to allow feelings in, out and through the body
  • Witness emotion as it passes in and through your nervous system, and able to track emotion as energy-in-motion in your own body and in others
  • Be comfortable with the full range of emotional impulses and mindfully choose to nourish and express an emotion, be with it, or calm it down
  • Know how to match what is present on the outside with what is occurring inside you


This immersion focuses on mindfulness and imaginative, creative cognition.

The activity of the brain, and its contribution to our ability to be mindful creatures, is a complex choreography of our neurophysiology and consciousness. When we are embodied and consciously practice movement, we increase our capacity for mindfulness in every cell of our body. This mindfulness in turn supports our receptivity to, and the integration of, our imaginative, visual, artistic, linguistic and logical capacities.

An embodied mind is more than a functioning brain. When we speak of “mind” on the Open Floor it includes insight, thought, cognition, mindfulness, logic, body brain, brain functioning, imagination, intuition, dreams, visualization, and memory.

In this immersion you will come away with insights and skills to have a fully embodied mind. This includes:

  • Having an integrated, felt sense of the brain’s interpretations, interactions, and interplay with consciousness
  • A mind that is creative, intuitive, imaginative, inventive, insightful, mindful, articulate, discerning, clear, aware, and astute
  • A mind that is open to the vastness of knowledge, intuition, and imagination, while still connected to body and heart
  • Being able to dance the energy and texture of thoughts, images from nature, dreams, mythology, and archetypes
  • The ability to focus on a sensation, a movement, a person, a space, and to be receptive to the vastness of the mind beyond our own immediate perceptions — to create space for insights
  • Creating bridges between learning about the body, the emotions, and the mind in books and videos, etc. and bringing that knowledge into the movement and the experience of the body
  • Having a mind that knows how to use intention


This immersion focuses on our capacity to be Awake to Essence and Unbounded Presence.

Embodied soul refers to our capacity to be at one with our deepest sense of self, with each other, and the larger field, our surrounding environment, the natural world, and something so much greater – the vastness of existence.

In this immersion you will use your movement practice to:

  • Practice being present in the moment without agenda or plan
  • Cultivate comfort and faith in movement and dwelling in the unknown
  • Explore, embody and integrate layers of the self much deeper than personality, to include our connection to the largest sense of Self
  • Uncover our dreams and destinies, our sense of meaning and purpose
  • Find the unique gifts we were born to bring to our communities
  • Experience our full membership in the more-than-human world
  • Attune to, and listen for, embodied soulfulness in ourselves, in others, and in the collective
  • Investigate what it is to be inspired by Spirit, to be resourced and informed by a larger/largest perspective
  • Offer yourself freely and openly to Life so that it can move and express itself creatively/uniquely through us as embodied Soul


In this immersion, we will explore embodiment and relationship in the context of therapeutic settings, through the interplay of attachment theory, relational psychoanalysis, trauma studies, theories of sexuality, gestalt awareness practice, the understanding of multiple self‐states, and transpersonal approaches. We will learn and explore in varied formats: with the group as a whole, in small groups and trios practice sessions, lectures, and experiential exercises.


In this immersion, we will explore embodiment and relationship in the context of therapeutic settings, through the interplay of attachment theory, relational psychoanalysis, trauma studies, theories of sexuality, gestalt awareness practice, the understanding of multiple self‐states, and transpersonal approaches. We will learn and explore in varied formats: with the group as a whole, in small groups and trios practice sessions, lectures, and experiential exercises.

Online Learning

Join our international teaching body for these advanced online courses in a variety of topics with a focus on embodiment and the moving body as our frame of reference.

From anatomy to music, each course delivers a wealth of information and practical tools to enhance your practice and life skills. Open to beginners and advanced students, our courses can be taken individually or as part of our teacher and therapist training tracks.

Words From Our Teachers

“Open Floor invites aliveness, allows for non-verbal inquiry and exploration, encourages self-expression, connection with our deepest self and with others, with the collective and with Spirit that infuses us all. Here, we dance as a practice, we witness, we listen, we learn, we play, we release, we settle.”
Kabba Anand
Doctor of Acupuncture, Maui
The teachings of the training continue to ripple through my consciousness to this day. I was forever changed. And so if you feel a calling to train as an Open Floor teacher, follow that. I now teach Open Floor in Sweden. Every time I step out to teach, I am inspired to take my teaching to a whole new level because I am reminded each and every time of the care and the professionalism offered me throughout my training and, like the butterfly effect, I endeavour to carry that onwards into the world.
Eileen Murray
Psychiatric Nurse
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Continuing Education for Open Floor Teachers

Supervision for Graduates

Having a safe space to share, process, reflect, receive feedback, shed light on our blind spots, express our vulnerability, and grow is a life-long necessity and gift. Maintaining a viable, healthy, teaching practice, is an ongoing path of growth and development. Walking that path with professional support is wise and necessary. Open Floor International highly recommends teachers receive professional supervision to strengthen their practice.

Bring the Benefits of Open Floor Movement Practice Into Your Life, Your Work, and Your Community.

Open Floor movement practice has the power to:

  • improve physical and emotional health
  • reduce isolation and loneliness by increasing a sense of belonging
  • build new, more resilient neural pathways in the face of perceived differences and conflict
  • slow cognitive decline
  • mitigate the deleterious effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles
  • reduce the effects of trauma

The time is now. Will you join the movement revolution?
“The skills you obtain with Open Floor are life skills. How to navigate when you are off center or unbalanced. How to resource the ground beneath us as a place of refuge. How to grow our capacity to be with what is uncomfortable in a new way, perhaps a kinder and more compassionate way. To be able to track our own window of tolerance and how to be of service to those around us.”
Michael Molin-Skelton
Movement Teacher, Pappa, Husband, Lover, Clown

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