Open Floor Immersion: Common Ground



Common Ground

Physical Embodiment & the Practice of Solitude

An invitation to give ourselves time

Time to study our bodies – how they work, where we have placed them and how that impacts how we behave, feel and sense the world in and around us

Immerse yourself in five full days of embodiment study. Take time to notice sensations, reactions, habits and creative possibilities.  


An Exploration of Life Through Movement for Personal Healing, Professional Growth, and Community Building

Join our highly experienced and talented teaching team for a deep dive into Open Floor movement practice.  This Open Floor immersion is an opportunity for intensive personal practice and a deeper understanding of its relevance to daily life.

From teachers of other modalities, coaches, educatorscommunity leaders and mental health practitioners to the simply curious and passionate, our mission is to welcome anyone who wishes to taste, learn and explore the Open Floor curriculum and use this work to change lives in their communities...  

The Common Ground We Share

Everyone human on the planet has a body and a unique experience of living in it.

Some of us are comfortable in our own skin. For some others, we wish to shed our skin and reimagine ourselves as we feel on the inside. Many of us feel both on any given day.

Whatever our personal experience, there are many elements of miracles and mysteries attached to our bodies regardless of our comfort or discomfort.

This immersion will explore:

  • The miracle of how our bodies are crafted
  • The magic of how they move
  • The curiosity in looking at places we may not know inside ourselves
  • The wonder at the different ways we perceive the world (sensations, emotions, imagination and a sense of being called)
  • The mystery as we reflect on these questions is at the heart and soul of this body based immersion

"What I really appreciated was the balance of embodied practice and theory, and how by the end of it, they seemed to dance together.There was a beautiful diversity of practices and time to explore them alone and in connection with others... and the music was so rich. I came away from it feeling alive, connected and inspired in a way that I thought was not possible."

— Jessica Carvalho, Fremantle, Western Australia

Essential Information

Our application process is rigorous so that we can ensure readiness, and make sure the group has integrity and diversity as a whole.

How it works

  1. When you click to start your application you will be taken to a payment page on a third party site (Teachable).
  2. After you have paid the $30 application fee*, you will be redirected to an online application form back on the Open Floor website.
  3. Once you submit your application, OFI staff and faculty will review it, following up any references.
  4. You will receive confirmation of your participation within 2 weeks.

* The application fee is non-refundable and will be applied towards the full price upon acceptance.


  • Applications for the Open Floor Teacher Training follow a different process. If you are applying for the Teacher Training, click here instead.
  • Open Floor Teachers and Working Members do not need to apply, please email us directly for information on how to register to this Immersion.
  • 50 hours of instructed study in conscious dance practices* 
  • At least 15 of those hours must be Open Floor Movement Practice 

*Conscious Dance Practices:  Open Floor, Soul Motion, 5Rhythms™, Movement Medicine, Freedom Dance, Azul, Tamalpa Life/Art Process, Continuum, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies. Let us know in your application if there’s another conscious dance practice you have studied that you would like us to consider. 

Please note that prerequisites for those enrolling on the Teacher Training are different.

The cost of this Immersion is: $850

Includes a $30 non-refundable application fee, which will be applied towards the full price upon acceptance.

  • Open Floor Teachers: USD $425 / £316 / €375 / AUD $580 / NZD$ 608 (no application required, please email us directly)
  • Open Floor Working Members: $383 (no application required, please email us directly)
  • This immersion is included in the price of the training for those enrolled on our Teacher Track

OFI has two scholarship funds that support those who are in financial need and wish to study. You can apply for these scholarships once you have been accepted onto the Teacher Training Program.


A mudra is a position in which we place our bodies to cultivate a specific awareness. The spirit of the mudra of sobriety is “neither more nor less than necessary.”  We ask applicants to contemplate, in consideration of their own true needs, and all others who need help too. 


OFI provides scholarships to increase the diversity of OFI students and teachers. With this Scholarship, Open Floor International is taking a first step in reaching a goal of students and teachers being reflective of the world where Open Floor is practiced. The majority of OFI’s current teachers live in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Most are European or of European descent, speak English fluently, are 35 – 65, identify as women, and are able-bodied.  We are actively looking to expand our reach outside these populations with our scholarship fund. Priority is given to people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC), LBGQT+, gender fluid, differently abled, and/or live in less wealthy regions.

  • 11 March: 1pm-8pm
  • 12 March: 1pm-8pm
  • 13 March: 1pm-5pm (time changes on this day for those south of equator = 1 hour earlier)
  • 14 March: 1pm-8pm 
  • 15 March: 1pm-8pm
  • 16 March: 1pm-5pm


Open to professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, our Advanced Programs are ideal if you are looking to gain new skills to integrate embodiment across disciplines such as, but not limited to, healthcare, social services, business, education, and the arts.


• Teachers and facilitators of embodiment, mindful movement and conscious dance

• Movement and Dance Movement Therapists

• Coaches

• Physicians (MD, DO, ND, DC & others) & Physician Assistants

• Nurses & Nurse Practitioners

• Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors

• Emergency Medical Personnel

• Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers

• Massage Therapists & Body Workers

• Complementary & Alternative Medicine Professionals

• Community Leaders

• Educators

• Social Workers

This immersion is an invitation, not just a course of study. 

You are invited to…

  • An intensive, experiential dive into some of the key concepts and principles of Open Floor movement practice.
  • An exploration of the Open Floor Movement Resources, that support Physical Embodiment: Pause, Ground, Activate & Settle, Spatial Awareness
  • Focus on Solitude, one of the Four Relational Hungers, noticing where we are good on our own, and where we drift into loneliness or isolation, is one of the keystone of inquiry in this immersion.
  • Practice moving along  The Continuum between Presence and Absence, to notice our own unique perceptions of what it means to be in a body at this time and place in history.
  • Explore differentiating between Sensation and Story: inquiring as to who we are physically in the here and now; present and accounted for as our world slowly turns on its axis.
  • Each session is designed around the core values that inform the Open Floor curriculum.

Venue: Mana Retreat Centre.

608 Manaia Road, State Highway 25, RD1, Coromandel

For more information visit:

Travel: The Mana Retreat Centre is a 2hr drive from Aukland International Airport. For more information on how to get there visit:

Accommodation: Mana offers a variety of full board accommodation options including shared and single rooms, camping as well as commuter rates. 

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