Anchored in the Unknown

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Workshop Description: 

It’s all unknown…what do we know?

Using a set of physical, emotional and mindful anchors or tools from which to explore our moving selves, we will use the embodied movement practice that is Open Floor to see what we find out about ourselves as moving, relational, creative beings.

How can we anchor ourselves in the one thing we know for sure?   

That we are here in a moving, alive, sensate body.                             

 When we don’t truly know what’s coming next…what anchors do we have?

This particular workshop will focus on this question through an exploration of our bodies, hearts and selves to the physical space around us – the room we find ourselves in, the people we find ourselves with, how we feel about that, how it moves in us, how it can rest in us.

Our exploration will be supported by the dynamic movement practice that is Open Floor. We will move to all kinds of music, inquiries, reflection and simple awareness meditation practice.