Teacher Training Application Instructions

A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. A great teacher inspires. 

- William Arthur Ward

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure you've attended or registered for a Ground Floor Lab before beginning the application process.


Print these instructions to use as a guide as you fill out your application. Read the entire document before going online to begin. 


Have the following ready before you go online to fill out the application.

  • Name and email addresses of 3 references
  • A current head shot
  • A list of the Open Floor classes and workshops you’ve done
  • A completed video (instructions below)

When you’re ready to start, click the link at the bottom of this page to fill out your application. When you have finished:

  • Print a copy for your records
  • Hit SAVE to submit your application


After you submit your application, you’ll be directed to pay a non-refundable application fee of $200 with a credit or debit card. If you need to arrange another way to make the payment, contact Leah at leah@openfloor.org.

If you are accepted into the training, the application fee is applied to your tuition.


After we receive your completed application, payment, and all references, a member of our team will begin to review your application. The biggest delay in beginning the review is waiting for your references to come in. You can speed things up by contacting your references in advance to see if they are both willing and able to send us the references in a timely manner.

Once the reviewer has everything in hand, including all your references, they can usually complete the process and contact you within 3-4 weeks.  Please note that if you have not yet taken a Ground Floor Lab and/or a lot of Open Floor work, we may hold your application until you're done. Given the commitment this training entails, want to be sure you're familiar with the curriculum before any final decisions are made.  We will hold some spots in each training for those who will be decided close to the start of Module 1.




Please, no professional photos -- just the real you. Upload a recent head shot by clicking CHOOSE FILE. When you’ve selected a photo, click UPLOAD


We get applications from students all over the world who we may have met only briefly. We ask for a short video (3 minutes maximum) to witness you in motion. While some of you may cringe at this request, to be a movement teacher requires us to be seen, exactly as we are.  Just as you will encourage your own students to do.

Our only purpose is to see how you express yourself through movement. Your hair and your outfit don’t matter. Being a “great dancer” is not the most important thing.  Real is best.

How to make your video:

  • A smartphone is all the technology you need.  Forget the professional filmmaker!
  • Choose a setting with a bare background, if possible.  Make sure we can see your whole body as it moves through space.
  • Play any music that you love, music that moves you physically, emotionally or otherwise. You’re also welcome to move without music.
  • While we can’t go back and edit a dance once it’s over, here you can film yourself for 30 or 45 minutes, and then pick the 3 minutes you like best. If only life worked that way….
  • Warm-up well.  Or, you might just film from beginning to end, and decide to send a 3-minute example of how you warm-up and get moving.
  • At the end, speak for 1-2 minutes, no more, and describe something you are passionate about besides dancing. One thing. Anything. Your cat, sailing on the ocean, a person in your life, making pottery, writing poetry, political activism, reading history books, napping, singing….

Upload your video according to the instructions below

  • Make sure your video file is on the desktop of your computer.
  • Go to YouTube and create an account, or log in if you have one already
  • Click Upload in the upper right corner
  • On the Upload page, change Public to Unlisted
  • Drag your video onto the upload page
  • It will take a few moments to load, then it will instruct you to click done
  • Copy the url and paste it into your application

If you have trouble loading your video either ask a teenager, or contact Leah.

Choose a Track

Use the menu to choose Movement Teacher Track or Therapy in Motion Track (for licensed therapists only).  

Date Preferences

Select your first choice for all 3 Core Modules. If you need to change a module later we cannot guarantee that there will be space, but we can usually accommodate you.

Movement Track

  • Module 1: Common Ground
  • Module 2: Common Sense
  • Module 3: Common Good

Therapy in Motion Track

  • Module 1: Common Ground
  • Module 2: Therapy in Motion
  • Module 3: Common Good

Many Therapy in Motion trainees have opted to also take Common Sense. You’re welcome to check 4 modules, at additional cost.

Answering the Questions

We are much more interested in your honest self-assessment than anything else.  Most of us, even the most experienced teachers, are on a lifelong learning path physically, emotionally, cognitively, spiritually. Just give us a sense of where you are now. We trust that you'll grow new skills and that your embodiment will improve during our program. 

We ask that you be brief (200 words or less per question). Learning to communicate fully, clearly and briefly is a much needed art as a teacher.

Quick Tweets

First thought, best thought.  The more quickly you answer the better.  Have a little fun here.


1.  At least 125 hours of Open Floor Movement study including:

  • One Ground Floor Lab (5-day Lab = 30 hours)
  • Strongly recommended: at least 25 hours Open Floor study with Kathy, or Lori, or Andrea & Vic. 
  • Check our international calendar to find an OF teacher or program in your area.
  • Any Open Floor Encounter workshop counts towards your 125 OF prerequisites hours.


2.  An additional 200 hours’ study in any accepted movement modalities (see list), for a total of 330 hours of movement study.  

3.  One Libido Fundamentals workshop. Any Libido workshop, regardless of when you took it, fulfills this prerequisite.

4.  30 hours mindfulness training and/or practice (see list

5.  Strongly recommended but not required: List other significant study in emotional intelligence, authentic communication, conflict resolution, cultivation of compassion or forgiveness, etc.  

6.  Teacher references

Additional prerequisite for Therapy in Motion applicants:

Graduate of a Masters level program with at least 3 years or 300 hours of supervision.


After you submit your application, you'll see another form, where you will enter your references (including their names, email addresses and their relationship to you). 

Here we’re looking for a minimum of three teachers who are very familiar with you as a dancer, as a learner, as a student on the dance floor.  How clearly do you communicate with your movement, your words?  What role do you tend to play in a group, e.g., catalyst, critic, loner, leader, talker, willing experimenter, clown? Are you fully engaged when dancing alone, generous in your partnering? Where do you shine?  If you are applying for the Therapist in Motion track, ask a supervisor, mentor, or teacher. Someone who has worked with you and seen your psychological progress.

If possible, choose at least one Founding Member of OFI as a reference.  If that's not possible, just be sure to include someone who can reflect on how you move alone, in partnership, with a group.

On the form provided, enter the teacher's name, the teacher's email, and, if you'd like, an optional personal note from you. When you submit the form, each reference will receive an email from us, asking them to fill out a reference form. This email will include your personal note, if any.



How do you choose applicants?

Once your application is complete and we have the recommendations from your teachers, members of the Application Review team review them. They might speak with other OF teachers who know you, or call you or your references for more information. Final decisions are made collectively by the circle.

We don't expect you to know how to teach movement or be accomplished in all areas -- that's why you're taking a training!  We're looking for people who are far enough along in their own embodiment and relational maturity to learn how to teach others. 

You may have great passion for your practice but not enough experience to teach. You may have many years of dance floor experience yet not enough actual physical expression to instruct and inspire others. You might be accepted right away, or be asked to do some more focused work before enrolling in the training.  

We also consider geography (communities that have many OF teachers vs. those that have none).  We're very interested in training people who already work with underserved communities, e.g., elders, recovery programs, schools, teens at risk, people of diverse ethnic or gender identities. 

What's the schedule for paying tuition?

Once accepted into the training, we ask for a very clear commitment if you want to hold a place in the 3 Core Modules of your choice, as we anticipate a waiting list. Therefore, payments are not refundable.

  • $200 non-refundable application fee (applied to your tuition if you're accepted)
  • $2100 deposit, once accepted, to hold your place in 3 Core Modules
  • $3100 payment due 45 days before you attend Module 1
  • $2100 balance due 45 days before you attend Module 2, or 6 months after you begin Module 1, whichever is sooner.

Is there a discount for payment in full?

Yes, if paid in full 45 days before Module 1, there is a 5% discount ($7500 - $375 = $7125)

Are there scholarships available?

OFI has a fund set aside to give a limited number of small discounts ($500-1000). Once all the applications are finalized, we'll have a lottery to decide who receives them.  Please let Leah know if you'd like to be considered.

There is also an independent non-profit that plans to support the growth of Open Floor into underserved communities:

Private donors are seeking  2-3 teachers in training, who are long on passion but short on funds, who are interested in teaching this movement practice. We are offering partial scholarships - depending on need - to individuals who have a deep practice and are already embedded in and committed to a particular population of people that wouldn’t otherwise have access to the healing and transformative work of Open Floor, i.e. our youth; our aging population; those in the prison system; veterans; homeless; and the disadvantaged and underserved, in general.

Because we believe that to make real and lasting change we need the support of others, you will have the backing of a coach both during and after the training. The coach will be someone in your  corner to help you stay inspired by your vision as you attempt to translate what you are learning and bring forth all of yourself to your community. For more information about eligibility, etc., contact Melissa Herst at me@melissaherst.com.  


Any crew discounts?

Yes, we have a crew for each module in exchange for a partial discount. In order to crew, you have to be able to arrive at least one day before the module, come early and stay late each day, and be available on the last day until everything is completely done. The crew will be selected 60 days before each module. Please let Leah know if you'd like to be considered.


Frequently Asked Questions