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A time for renewal

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Author: Audrey Boss

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Over the past 4 years, Open Floor International has evolved from a dream nurtured by a handful of passionate innovators to a reality firmly rooted in community. In this time, we have trained over 200 new teachers from 27 countries and introduced Open Floor movement practice to thousands of dancers around the globe. And so….we move on to the next phase of our evolution as an organisation making its mark in the field of embodiment. It is a time for renewal.

These are exciting times for the world of embodiment – conscious dance practices are flourishing world-wide and the connection between body, mind, heart and soul is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. From technology to research to health… from education to business, leaders from all spheres are bringing the body into the mix.

And yet, the world we live in is often in stark contrast to this trend. Privilege, inequality and growing polarisation around fundamental values are splitting our societies and favouring division over inclusion. The work we do here at Open Floor is needed more than ever and the changes we are making are a reflection of this bigger picture too.

A renewed vision for a changing world

Happiness is a luxury afforded to few. Our updated vision is a powerful reaffirmation of what we stand for and the issues we consider to be at the forefront of our times.  Our new web site is the showcase for this renewal. Much more than pretty colours and slick graphics – the new Open Floor website reflects our commitment to this renewed vision: a world where conscious movement and dance ignites creativity, community, social justice, health and well-being. For everyBODY.

Transitioning towards non profit status for radical responsibility & inclusion

Open Floor is transitioning to non profit status very soon. Whilst keeping the principles of Dynamic Governance at the heart of our organisation, operating as a non-profit will make it possible to offer Open Floor to a wider variety of undeserved populations thanks to fund-raising, grants and scholarships. Good things happen when profit is no longer the bottom line!

A Library of Embodiment Resources for life-long learning

What started out as Open Floor founding member Andrea Juhan’s further reading list has blossomed into a rich and varied collection of embodiment resources that gown beyond the dance floor. Packed with videos, articles, research papers, books and audio downloads, our vision is to grow the knowledge base and provide a platform for discussion, support and exchange in the growing field of Embodiment across all disciplines.

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