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Dissolving is freedom

for my soul.  To connect with the
rest of my body, my mind, my feelings.
It gives me hope for the future, an assurance that the past no longer
binds me to the patterns I inherited.  It
gives me a sense of how much there is in me, especially when I feel there is
none.  I can find space in a heartbeat by
opening my wings and welcoming in peace – wherever I am.  Peace and space.  Alleviating whatever existed before, to be
melted into presence.

To know I am connected in every cell of my body within and
without, to the source of all life, to all that is.  I am no longer separate from source but one
with it, in every nook and cranny, in every breath.   Source is always present, bringing bubbles
of joy and truth and bittersweet love.
All-encompassing love and joy.  I
welcome this into my life so I never lose touch with the truth of who I am.

Truth is I am a spark of divinity.  I do not need to be a yogi to know
this spark, it just is.  It is in the moment.  A gift that I welcome with each
breath.  With gratitude and acceptance of
who I am.  My divine right to be there,
right now and so it is.

Lucy French specializes in Essence Dance – a unique embodied movement and mindfulness practice that focuses on the energetic fingerprint of an Australian Bush Flower Essence or Living Tree Orchid Essence.   “I design my classes and workshops so the dancers can move with the healing qualities of the essence and deeply experience its song.”    Lucy French is based in Melbourne, Australia.  She brings to the dance floor over 25 years’ experience in dance, meditation and working with flower essences. For more information email her.


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