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Open Floor in Schools

Reviewed By: Joseph Machado

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Joseph Machado

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“There were so many reasons for me to choose Open Floor training: The quality of faculty is superb. The content and curriculum is universal, accessible, and speaks volumes to the human experience. The community that gets built worldwide with colleagues is nourishing. This training prepares you to be a teacher. And, as someone who has been a teacher in many arenas for my entire adult life this one surpasses any teacher training I’ve done. Yes, you learn how to teach this curriculum, but more importantly it prepares you to embody the role of teacher in whatever environment you find yourself inhabiting. It goes beyond the dance floor.”

Joseph Machado is a teacher and counselor at an alternative public high school in San Francisco, a Somatic Therapist, and an Open Floor Movement teacher in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.

Vimeo: Open Floor in Schools

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