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The Courage To Teach

Reviewed By: Marisu Rimoldi

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Marisu Rimoldi is teaching Open Floor in South America and the United States where she is currently living. She tells us about her last workshop in Lima, Peru: Creer para crearnos.

I’d been home to celebrate my birthday in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I was on my way back to my new home in Houston (United States) where I’ve been living for the past 18 months. The workshop in Peru was the perfect stopover.  Having taught there for 6 years and now being an Open Floor teacher, I was delighted to be back teaching this conscious dance practice. I love Peru…the food, the people, the dancing!

And then life got in the way only life can! On the last day of the workshop I woke up with a deep sadness inside me…my heart broken, my stomach upside-down. This was not on the agenda! It was one of those times when our personal and professional lives collide. Should I cancel?

I stayed with myself, taking time to explore these sensations in my body. And then I felt support at my back. I grounded myself in my body and stepped outside my comfort zone, deciding to trust. Trust that I was good enough and trust that the group process would support me through the day.

I’m so glad I took on this challenge! As soon as I arrived and started the warm up,  I started feeling better.

The theme of the workshop was Creer para crearnos which roughly translates as “How our beliefs create us”. We took our beliefs onto the dance floor and explored how they move us or keep us stuck. We started to open our attention to the theme with elastic bands to feel the expansion and contraction of our bodies – and to notice the parallel action in our minds.

I had also invited Lourdes Carlin, flamenco teacher and director of Alma Gitana in Perú. She shared some flamenco exercises with which we embodied the power of presence, connection, passion and pain. I really enjoyed sharing and nurturing the space with her. Using all these tools, we practiced the ability to be able to ground ourselves in the midst of change.

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