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The objectification of women and the female body

Reviewed By: Maryanne Comaroto

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Maryanne Comaroto

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Maryanne Comaroto PhD is a relationship activist, Body/Mind/Soul whisperer, conscious dating coach and talk show host. She teaches Open Floor in Mill Valley, Calufornia. 

What a delight it was to present Open Floor Therapy in Motion theory and practice at the Seeing Red conference in Stoneybrook Connecticut, August 2106. Our work was concerned with the unconscious and embodied experience, the combination of a depth psychological and somatic approach distinctive in its ability to address the objectification of women and the female body and the Western cultural split in between mind and body that helps perpetuate it.

The presentation introduced relevant historical, cultural, and psychological perspectives in their relevance to the oppression of women, repression of the archetypal feminine and embodied knowing, and the persistence in patriarchal cultures of the splits between mind and body, masculine and feminine, and male and female. The novelty of being able to help make the themes discussed more accessible by offering an experiential component; Open Floor practice, was well received!

We introduced the movement meditation cycle and the Core Movement Resources of Center. Suggesting “the center of gravity” inside ourselves assists in holding the tension and opportunity for healing the split between the mind and body. Our movement cycles hoped to illustrate our capacity to cultivate greater cognitive, physical, emotional and soulful awareness. The academic participants embraced the inquiry session wholeheartedly, most of whom had never been exposed to conscious movement inquiry. Reflections included they felt more connected to themselves and each other, loved the experience, and felt surprisingly safe and free to express themselves without losing themselves.

No doubt Open Floor work made an impact. What’s more our efforts may lend to the shift from the traditional academic (recumbent) pedagogical approach to considering a somatic, conscious movement. It makes my heart happy so many are willing to dissolve academic sneers with curiosity and willingness. The founder invited us back for this year’s conference!

Vimeo: The objectification of women and the female body

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