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What conscious dance has brought to my life

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I’ve been thinking a lot of what dancing has brought to my life since I started conscious dancing with Dancing Dhevas just over a year and a half ago. Considering how the universe works, not surprisingly the start of dancing also coincided with what was mental health wise, probably the most difficult time of my adult life (meaning it came just at the right time).  There were times that I was really low, lots of tears and lots of emotions and although I know it was in my head, it was a time when I felt that there was no one who could understand or help. So what did dancing bring to that?

Dancing gave to the opportunity to explore it ALL in a safe and playful way. I could express and explore all of my emotions, without judgement, and perhaps more importantly without the need to define them and put them into words. I suppose there are some emotions that I have always been a little afraid to express in the open, but on the dance floor all are welcomed. I can be the whatever “me” I am in that very moment, it may be a me that I know really well, or one that I haven’t seen before, or, at the best of times there is no me.

It has also allowed me to dance through all the situations that have been present in my life. This has been particularly useful with the more difficult situations where I’ve felt stuck. Dancing allows me to take an internal view, to check in and see what’s going on in my body, or with my emotions and really feel them. Yet it also gives me the opportunity to side step and take an observer’s view point to get out of my head and out of the emotions, change lanes and bring a bit of fresh air (new breath) to it all. Most of all and not surprisingly it brings movement to places which were stagnant. And the part that I really love about this, is that it feels so empowering because it is something that you get to do for yourself. You find your own answers or explore you own issues.

On another level, it has also been one of the most beautiful ways to connect to the divine, and be open to such amazing insight. I had always thought of connection through being still and meditating or for me through singing, but to connect while moving was completely new to me and so so so much fun. It’s a new way of listening which I just love.

So Theva, thank you so so so much for holding such a beautiful safe space which has allow me to feel comfortable explore all of this. Thanks for the invitations and guidance which pushes me a little further each time. Thank you for putting in the effort and energy to creating such a great community and environment. What you do is a gift and I am so happy that you have decided to share this.  And thank you all, you beautiful dance community.


Theva is a techer in training. He is looking forward to bringing the Open Floor movement practice to his existing classes – Dancing Dhevas – which he has been running in Fremantle, Western Australia since 2010. Here, he shares some words sent to him by one of his students.

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