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Podcast: A Focus On Creativity

Reviewed By: Kathy Altman

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Kathy Altman, Audrey Boss

Recommended Reading Program: Art in Motion

Language availability: English


Meet Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Cathy Ryan and Sarah Davies, the women responsible for the Art in Motion curriculum at Open Floor.

Listen to the recording of this interview where I find out more about how they combine embodied movement and visual art, theatre and creative writing in their Art in Motion workshops.

We’ll be talking about how dance and movement can open and support the creative process and – vice versa – how the creative process supports embodied movement.

They explain how blending conscious dance and artistic expression can help fuel and cultivate creativity off the dance floor …in so many different aspects of our every day lives…

Listen now or download for later.


Interview & words by Audrey Boss

Editing & sound by Juliana Barrett

Vimeo: Podcast: A Focus On Creativity

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