V is for Vector

Making a difference with the Open Floor International Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarship fund. Simone simply wouldn’t have been able to participate in the Open Floor Teacher Training without access to a scholarship. She spends the majority of her days providing a safe and calm space for her daughter to be home schooled and develop […]

Moving Towards Trauma Relief and Recovery in Hawaii

Kabba dancing on grass outdoors

Two days after devastating wildfires broke out in Hawaii in August 2023, Kabba Anand, Open Floor teacher from Maui, joined a team of volunteers offering support to the community. Kabba drew on his 40-year experience as a practitioner in Traditional East Asian Medicine, movement meditation and dance to offer acupuncture, breathwork and mindful movement to […]


THE SCORE - Open Floor teacher news & updates

Catch up here on all the news and updates for Open Floor teachers  Infos et mises à jour pour enseignantEs Open Floor Welcome! The Score is the Open Floor teachers newsletter. Just click on the links below to catch up.  The Score is an interactive, customisable newsletter. You can: Turn on captions to read along […]

If you want to go far, go together

3 Open Floor teachers

Teacher Highlight: Isa, Cécile & Sophie Lire en Français “We are grounded in a shared practice and knowing that we can trust each other. That’s a real gift.” Isa, Cécile and Sophie Collaboration and collective wisdom are at the heart of Open Floor. It is baked into the structure of the organisation, “Everybody’s wisdom matters” […]

Reshaping The Future

A common purpose and a shared intention… Jo Woods & Sarah Winter, Open Floor teachers from Melbourne, Australia, are using Open Floor movement practice to reshape the future. Here they talk about a special event dedicated to raising funds and awareness about the climate crisis with their Dance in the Hills extended community. It’s so […]

What is Emotional Embodiment?

Common Sense and Emotional Embodiment

Being emotionally embodied is being the artist of your emotions Emotional Embodiment is about having a physical language for your emotions so that you can allow them to move in, out and through your body. We learn to recognise habits and patterns and practice responding creatively to our emotional states. When we are able to […]

A lifelong movement practice

Gay Murphy Open Floor Teacher

Teacher Highlight: Gay Murphy “These days I encourage and hopefully inspire; I teach and expect less but we all gain more.” Gay Murphy – Open Floor teacher & elder of conscious dance Gay was 50 when she discovered conscious dance. She was at a workshop paid for by her workplace and “Every morning a wonderful […]

Life is a full on Movement Cycle

Open Floor Movement Cycle

The Open Floor movement cycle in every day life The Movement Cycle is a useful intellectual and embodied map of how physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy moves through time. We find ourselves in the movement cycle in our everyday lives and it is the foundation we build our classes and workshops on in Open […]

A Glimpse of Art in Motion with Majero Bouman

Majero Bouman - Art in Motion Open Floor Teacher

The Score had the opportunity to speak with Open Floor teacher and Art in Motion (AIM) circle Operational Lead, Majero Bouman from Sudbury, Canada about  helping build the AIM circle and how she uses Art in Motion in her Open FIoor work.   “Working with Art in Motion is like walking into a giant sandbox with a […]

Dance for Life

Dance for Life with Open Floor movement practice

One of the most important tenants of the Open Floor movement practice is to make dance accessible to everyone, regardless of age. Our movement practice is offered in a way that includes all limitations and boundaries of the body and that allows for the freedom and flexibility to move and dance for a lifetime. Open […]