How Open Floor Supported my Activism (and kept me sane)

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Rivi Diamond is an Open Floor Teacher and Working Member of Open Floor International. We asked her to share how Open Floor applies to her daily life.

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Since September 2014 I have been an active member of the Israeli grass roots movement Women Wage Peace (WWP), which was founded right at that time, following the Gaza war.

Since the fall of 2013 I have been a part of the circle of Founding Members who were called to join the Founders of Open Floor International.

Taking part in the formation and growth of these two powerful organizations — which grew from the ground up to become inspiring, powerful entities — was one of the most empowering, challenging, gratifying, demanding, exhausting, rewarding things I’ve ever done (besides motherhood!).

And – I cannot imagine these nearly 5 years in Women Wage Peace without Open Floor Movement Practice, which keeps me resourced, resilient and sane!

The blend of Open Floor and activism has catalyzed the creative process of birthing a workshop called ‘Wisdom & Power – the wisdom to accept and the power to change’.

Closely tracking my own process, I am curious and fascinated with the on-going exploration of what happens in those times when one feels the clear call to step up, step in and get involved.

How do we become agents of change? What is the right action to be done? Does getting involved necessarily mean “doing”? Perhaps the right answer in some situations is just “being”, offering our clear witness?

These are some of the inquiries which are alive in me these last years of my involvement with WWP. I am grateful for the way the Core Movement Resources (CMRs) support me and nourish me on this journey of activism. As a rapidly growing volunteer movement, we have many different teams, varied projects, events and non-stop activity. Discernment is crucial. I pay attention to which activities draw me Towards them as well as what might drain my energy and therefore it would be wise to pull Away from. Where would I be most effective as well as most aligned with my heart Vector? (For me in WWP, a big Towards was the Relations with Palestinian Team which I have been co-coordinating and very active in). When is it time for me personally to settle, though there is still so much activation going on around me and so much that needs to be done. To Settle just enough so that I can Activate again as soon as my energy is back. Is it okay to Pause when there is so much to be done, so much at stake…? I seek Center again and again, to keep my balance, to tune in for the wisest answer in any given situation.

Take out peace activism from the equation and look at these questions. Do they not apply to so many areas in your life? It could be an issue to sort out with your partner or yourself; a conflict at work; your child dealing with a challenge and needing you to provide the right support; it could be political discourse (stand up if your country is not in the trenches of one right now… Oh you lucky ones! Don’t worry, it’s temporary); Or it could be war – all hell breaking loose like what happened in my country.

That is the beauty of Open Floor work — it can be applied to many realms and domains — personal, relational, communal, national, global.

It is the beauty of the Core Movement Resources, they are a constant source of support helping us face and deal with whatever life throws at us. Indeed, in creating Wisdom & Power one of the hardest (and funnest) challenges was to choose which movement resources to focus on. All 10 of them were knocking eagerly on my door, each making a really good, strong, valid case why they are the most relevant to this topic.

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The March of Hope, October 2016:

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Youtube: The March of Hope, October 2016

Youtube: The Journey to Peace, October 2017

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