Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships

Reviewed By: Andrea Juhan Ph.D.

My Review:

This book is a joy to read, attachment theory in everyday language. And it so essential! Sue Johnson describes many relationship conundrums that we all know, illuminates how we got there and the way out. Johnson offers some new perspectives on our emotional reactions to our loved ones. She articulates well how emotional connection, closeness and safety is our most basic survival need.
I imagine anyone who works with embodiment will get a lot of ah ha’s, and some excellent insight into how we ourselves and our students /clients are internally organized and how we react. Emotional intelligence 101

Recommended by:

Andrea Juhan Ph.D.

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Author: Dr. Sue Johnson

Language availability: English, Gan Chinese, German, Korean


Every day, we hear of relationships failing and questions of whether humans are meant to be monogamous. LOVE SENSE presents new scientific evidence that tells us that humans are meant to mate for life. Dr. Johnson explains that romantic love is an attachment bond, just like that between mother and child, and shows us how to develop our “love sense”–our ability to develop long-lasting relationships. Love is not the least bit illogical or random, but actually an ordered and wise recipe for survival. LOVE SENSE covers the three stages of a relationship and how to best weather them; the intelligence of emotions and the logic of love; the physical and psychological benefits of secure love; and much more. Based on groundbreaking research, LOVE SENSE will change the way we think about love.

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