Social Justice, Multicultural Counseling, and Practice – Beyond a Conventional Approach

Reviewed By: Cynthia Kennedy

My Review:

Based on holistic thinking, this book uses the body, writing, and consciousness studies for better understanding ethnocentrism and automatic thought processes. – Cynthia Kennedy, Olympia, Washington, USA

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Cynthia Kennedy

Recommended Reading Program: Therapy In Motion

Author: Heesoon Jun

Language availability: English


Until now, an important aspect of multicultural counseling has been long overlooked amid the profusion of literature―the practical application of multicultural theory. Social Justice, Multicultural Counseling, and Practice – Beyond a Conventional Approach fills this void and tackles some of the top challenges in multicultural counseling including how to implement multicultural theory and how to practice social justice and equity. This groundbreaking work takes a multilayered and multidimensional approach that will help practitioners “walk the talk” of multicultural competency. It introduces a new model that will give practitioners a clearer understanding of the client′s worldview for culturally appropriate assessment, diagnoses, and treatment.

Key Features
– Provides Concrete Strategies boxes for introduced concepts
– Emphasizes self-reflection and self-awareness for practitioners
– Contains exercises to help practitioners better understand ethnocentrism, types of thinking styles, and automatic thought patterns
– Examines the complexities of the intersection of multiple identities and sociocultural contexts
– Includes a unique organization style that groups topics by various “isms” (ageism, classism, racism, etc.).

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