Embrace Dance: Being Human

Embrace Dance: Being Human

Taught by: Sophie De Tollenaere

April 18, May 2, May 16, May 30, June 13, June 27

Wednesdays: 2-weekly class from 8.00-10pm


BEING HUMAN is a series where we will explore all aspects of our lives. We follow the energy of the group and work with what is currently in the foreground.
What calls our attention to get expression? What are we still moving away from and may we bring into the light from now on?
How can we relax ourselves without getting stuck or wanting to change anything?


We dance the series with a regular group.

Every one is welcome.


Fee: 75€

Fee: Combined with the Open Classes on : April 25, May 9, May 23, June 6 & June 20: 120€




Body Language, Emotional Intelligence

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


H.Consciensestraat 28A
8550 Zwevegem (bij Kortrijk) , VWV

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