Move and Include

Taught by: Anja Gysin, Devi Rageth, Verena Holscher

Almost Every Friday - 19.15-21.00


In your inhabited body your soul can land and act in its integrity.  Catherine Kocher

Open Floor is a complex movement meditation that supports us to arrive in the body - to develop presence and awareness with all senses. Free movement builds the ground for our creative exploring journey. We dance alone or in connection. Music and vivid suggestions encourage us to discover forgotten resources. Our hungry bodies find its own ways. We witness our constructive forces in still wild furiously calm movement. Patterns of assessment receive a new context. 

Everybody is welcome, previous knowledge not necessary. The floor is open!

Fee: 25CHF


PH Zürich
Lagerstrasse 2 LAC-Saal 0013

For more information contact:

Devi Rada Rageth

0041 793940822