Moving Landscapes

Open Floor Dance & Movement Meditation

Taught by: Becca Parkinson

Every Sunday 7.15-9.15pm


Dancing the Open Floor we practice being embodied — inhabiting each moment, alive, awake and curious — sometimes playful, shy or messy, sometimes awkward, joyful or seductive. We take time to catch up, to land in our moving body and open to it’s wild, creative intelligence.

We find the dancing language of the body as it moves through the familiar and unknown landscapes of life, pausing, sensing, moving towards and away; following the whispers and calls of the imagination, as if painting through movement, creating and co-creating our dance. Nourishing ourselves in the natural choreography of the soul. We practice being grounded and resourced, growing our presence and capacity to be in touch with ourselves as well as open and responsive to each other and the world we inhabit.

EVERY BODY WELCOME. There are no steps to learn or way to do it right — just come with a willingness to move. Each week we dance with a diverse range of music — creative enquiries and movement resources will be explored.

Becca is an Open Floor Movement Teacher. She has a background in Performance and Live Art with 15 years of embodied dance experience. She has a love of the natural world and currently is training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. All these backgrounds weave into and inform her teaching practice.



Somers Town Community Sports Centre
134 Chalton Street Kings Cross
NW1 1RX London
United Kingdom

For more information contact:

Becca Parkinson