Open Floor Friday Nights

Every second Friday of the month

Taught by: Maryanne Comaroto, Ph.D. (c), CCHT

Every Second Friday


Open Floor Friday nights are an invitation to look forward to, drop in, shake off, connect with others, in a conscious dance community, using music as medicine while you dance yourself to the bone!

Be inspired by potent soundscapes and minimal guidance.

Come one, come all. We welcome diversity of sexuality & gender, ethnicities, religion, physical abilities and beliefs!

Hosted by Open Floor practitioners Melissa Herst and Maryanne Comaroto.

Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 online.

When: 7-9pm, doors close at 7:30

Attire: Barefoot or dance shoes, comfortable clothing

*Beginners and experienced dancers welcome


Almonte Clubhouse
105 Wisteria Way
Mill Valley , CA
United States

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For more information contact:

Maryanne Comaroto