to fully join the movement of life - on-going group

Taught by: Lucie Nérot

January 13-14, 2018

11am-6pm except last day of each module 10am-5pm


Module 1 – Resources for risk – 13th & 14th of January 2018

Module 2 -  Resources for creativity 31 st of March 1st & 2nd of April 2018

Module 3 – Resources for resilience – 23rd & 24th of June 2018

Module 4- Resources for love –  15th & 16th of September 2018

The resources that enable us to reveal our true nature, to accept all the facets of our being, to dare to live fully, are built into our blue print. Our life experience has lead us to develop some resources, while others have remained hidden, repressed or underdeveloped. This ongoing group will allow you to find and develop the resources you need to continue to unfold. It will also be a laboratory for our hunger for connection, for belonging, for spirit and for solitude. Ongoing groups have always been my favourite context for teaching: we develop a knowing of each other that allows for trust, a deep exploration for each person and a wonderful group field that supports our development and nourishes a much needed connectedness and solidarity. I have been leading ongoing groups for over ten years.

On the open floor I have seen new colours emerge, fabulous aliveness awaken, untold truths unveil themselves, wounds allowed space for healing and pearls of authentic uniqueness that dazzle everyone, including the unconscious beholder of the treasure.

If you are interested in training or are currently in training, this is a place to reinforce your knowledge and experience of all Core Movement Resources, and continue to learn to dive into the 4x4.  

Join us in the heart of Paris !

Fee:  680 Euros for the whole ongoing group if paid total, or 710 Euros if you pay in 4 installments


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Emotional Intelligence, Relationship

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome



For more information contact:

Lucie Nerot