Shame and Beauty

An Open Floor Triptych with Cathy Ryan

Taught by: Cathy Ryan

February 16-18, 2018

Friday from 7pm to 09.30pm, Saturday from 10am-05pm, Sunday from 10am to 04pm


  • Feb 16 -18 Module 1
  • May 25-27 Module 2
  • Sep 28-30 Module 3

This ongoing group will be an exploration and travel into the terrain of toxic shame and the hold it can have on us on a cellular level. The voice that says something is wrong with you, hide, stay back…It can be a strong voice and can block the expression of our life force, creativity and our capacity for compassion – both for ourselves and others.

The good news about this journey is that in amongst the shadows and layers and holding back are diamonds of beauty, talent, joy and compassion. Through the movement practice of Open Floor, a combination of deep enquiry and deep dancing we will travel through this terrain together looking to open up wider and clearer landscapes of our innate goodness.

Mod 1: Every Light casts a Shadow

This first weekend we will gather together as a group, opening up to our embodied physical and emotional presence through the 4 Hungers of Solitude, Connection, Belonging and Spirit – where do we allow these energies to flow through us and where can they get stuck? Opening up the ground for a closer look at the impact of toxic shame in our lives..

Mod 2: What A Shame

This weekend we will dive into a particular and focused exploration of our own individual pockets of shame.Toxic shame is one of the places that leads us into disconnect – with ourselves, each other and our full place in the world around us. The shame that whispers, there’s something wrong with you – hide!  We will look at how shame can contract, harden and stagnate our life force, so our joy has no place to go and our compassion shuts down – We will look at the antidotes available to us – there are at least three!

Mod 3: Once upon a Time…

Our final weekend together…we will follow up some of what has moved or not moved since Mod 2. Take a look at some of the stories and feelings that make up the web of who we are. Perhaps there are some stories that can be retold…

Our body of work will be held by Open Floor Movement practice, working with 4 dimensions of embodiment, the 4 hungers and basic core movement resources that we can explore, study and dance deep with.

All hours count as pre requisites for the Open Floor teacher training programme.

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Emotional Intelligence, Soul

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Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


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