Women Workshop

Taught by: Verena Holscher

June 23-24, 2018

Saturday 10am - Sunday 4pm


The story of sealskin - soulskin describes the hungry woman who wants to learn and progress, but does not know how to get to her destination. Exhausted and burnt out, she succeeds in finding her skin and returning to her homeland.
Based on the basic pattern of the story, we orientate ourselves and set off - to hear the call of the old, to plunge into instinctual homes, perhaps to touch the ground, to breathe in the rhythm of the soul … (based on Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run With The Wolves)

In our bodies and our anatomy, we can find the key to our powerful interior worlds. An invitation to experience our body sensually, perhaps to take possession of unknown parts and to connect with an original instinct. In quiet and moving awareness, in dance, in exchange, in play and research. A sister weekend to sow seeds, to give us impulses.
In a sheltered circle of women who, like us, have set off to take back their skin, we will dive mindfully and playfully into our body worlds, with music, movement and sound - perceiving the hunger that lives in our skin, dialoguing with ourselves, going with each other on an expedition.
Whether you are well fed or hungry, you are welcome!

€225, €200 early bird (payment before May 23) - including overnight stay


Arts / Creativity, Soul

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Seminarhof Morgenstern
Lange Strasse 56
89604 Allmendingen-Grötzingen

For more information contact:

Verena Holscher

0041 78 808 7221