Spirit Animal GuiDANCE

Taught by: Monika Korschner

March 24-25, 2018

Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm | Sunday 10.30am-5.30pm


'Follow me down the path. I will walk beside you, guiding and showing you the way... I will not leave you, I will be standing on the path watching you. If you ever feel alone close your eyes, you will see 6 sets of footprints: 2 belonging to you, 4 to me. Then you will know i did not left you...'  - Wolf Prayer - 

What are Spirit Animals?  Also called power animals, totems or spirit guides. How can you invite and meet yours? How do they guide you on your journey? Or if you already know your power animal, how can you re-connect and move with them differently and deeper?

Human beings connected with spirit animals since the beginning of shamanism, mythology and religion. Out of the wisdom and experience that we as human beings are connected to all what is alive,  as well with the consciousness and spirit of nature and animals. Perhaps this all sounds very abstract if you did not experienced yet.  But in fact it is not that mysterious, nowadays it is even scientific proven we are.

During this workshop we will move and dance intensively to re-connect with our most primal natural self. We ground, centre, unwind, release and open our bodies and being. Making our selves ready for a meditative journey on live drum. The spirits of your animal(s) are with you all the time already, however waiting for your invitation to appear. Some are with you your lifetime, some only temporarily. 

We will look for ways to move, connect and tune in on their natural strengths and wisdom, so they can

  • Help you to acces and understand your energy, specific characteristics and qualities.
  • Learn you to lean and move towards nature and spirit, to that what is bigger than yourself.
  • Heal, support, guide, protect where needed.

This workshop will be taught together with Margo Lieverse (ritual leader and fire keeper Netherlands) and offers both basic support  for beginners  as depth for experienced dancers and takes place in the atelier of Foundation 'De Iep ' (which means Elm) in Bergen. 50 km’s north of Amsterdam Centre & Airport. A beautiful  place build by artists in an organic and anthroposophical style. Situated  in a peaceful rustic location amidst meadows, near forests and sea.


Fee: €140

€120 if paid in fully by February 25 2018

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Body Language, Spirit

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Atelier Stichting De Iep
Voert 15
1861 PE Bergen

For more information contact:

Monika Körschner