Who am I?

Who am I?

Taught by: Juliana Barrett

4/14/2018 - 4/15/2018

Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm


Who am I

…and if so, how many?

The philosopher Richard David Precht called his book in which he describes a philosophical journey.

We often ask ourselves the question: who am I? What do I have for a task? What is my purpose?

But is it really that important, to find the meaning of your existence? Do we really need a reason or an explanation of why we are the way we are and what role we play in life?

In fact, we have many roles: we are parents, lovers, colleagues, friends, etc. Each of these roles is part of us. If we mix them, it gets complicated.

When the mother talks with the colleague there are misunderstandings. If the supervisor gives advice to a friend, the friendship can break…

In this workshop, you have the opportunity in free dance once deliberately slip into these roles. How does the colleague or mother dance? How does the partner and the father move?

We meet in these roles – exchange them… all playfully and with curiosity.

Open Floor Movement Practice helps us to stay in the center, to move towards something and to move away, change the perspective and playfully land in your body.

Munich, 14.-15. April 2018, Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 11am - 5pm

Cost: 180€, 140€ Early bird if paid by 23 March 2018





Arts / Creativity, Body Language

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Kirchenstraße 15
80939 Munich

For more information contact:

Juliana Barrett


+49 171 3052285

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