Write of Passage

An Open Floor Art in Motion weekend

Taught by: Lori Saltzman

February 24-25, 2018

10am - 5pm


Write of Passage is an invitation to fuse movement and writing, two spirited paths fostering intimacy with ourselves and each other.

No need to write an old, polished litany. Just list everything on the floor of your car, describe what you wore when you were 16, remember the first lie you told or the last three things that made you cry.

Everything we’ve experienced lives on in our bodies. Here we learn to dip our pen into an endless stream of unleashed creativity. Movement opens the gate. Simple writing exercises shift our task from trying to think things up to quickly jotting them down -- as words, memories, images surge from body to hand to page.

If you love to write, this is heaven. If you think you’re not a writer, think again. And prepare to be surprised.

Prerequisites: a body of any size or shape, a pen, experience with heartbreak, a childhood, two or more fears, quiet passions, quirky habits, a strong opinion, something you yearn for.

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Arts / Creativity, Body Language

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome


Tamalpais Valley Community Center 94941 Mill Valley , CA
United States

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Leah Brooks