“Dance is like a soulmate: it’s fun, physical, emotionally intimate. It is by nature a spiritual practice.” Kathy Altman

On the Open Floor we bring mindful, embodied movement to our lives as human beings.

In Open Floor movement practice we use the universal language of movement as a means of self-discovery and relationship building. Conscious dance is both simple and profoundly powerful.

We invite authenticity whatever our physical or emotional state. We build tolerance to allow whatever shows up in the moment to move and express itself. On the Open Floor we move and include it all.

Open Floor is designed to support us in moving from habit to creative possibility, from fixed ideas to fluid curiosity, and back again. Range, flexibility and choice are life skills, and the touchstones of our embodied practice.

Core Movement Resources

The way we move on the dance floor is a mirror of how we move through life. Open Floor offers a simple movement vocabulary for the way human bodies are born to move, relate, work, play, give, receive, and rest.