Coming to Your Senses

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“What is essential at this time on the planet? To empower your body and heart to have greater authentic expression. To use your movement practice to become fluid with the shifts occurring within and around you, so you can engage with being an agent of change for the collective good – to activate and make effective your soul’s yearning to make a difference. This is my prayer.” - Deborah Jay-Lewin

An Open Floor workshop, Coming to Your Senses will help support your journey to grow, heal, receive, let go and be energised. It can be hard to comprehend the enormity of personal and planetary activity right now … yet your senses; body, heart, instinct and intuition have so many of the answers to help you.

We will dance together, creating a strong container that will hold you as you navigate your way in these mysterious and uncertain times. We will sweat together, on the dance floor and in a Sweat Lodge, awakening your senses to the elemental power of earth, water, air and fire. The intention is for the transformations that will undoubtedly occur in these few days to significantly impact your daily life.