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Open Floor International is a not-for-profit organization. Your generous donation helps bring this practice to communities who need it most.

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Much of our world is in a state of disconnect. Inequality and polarization around fundamental values are splitting our societies and favoring division over inclusion. This split in our society is mirrored by the disconnect in our bodies, where we carry personal, social and historical stress and trauma. As we spend more time alone and in front of a computer, and less time physically active, our bodies hold and reflect this disconnect. 

In responseOpen Floor International offers a movement practice that brings awareness and connection to our bodies, thereby strengthening our community, honoring inclusion, and building shared valuesWith over 250 movement leaders from over 30 countries, Open Floor graduates offer training programs and educational resources that empower people from a wide variety of professions to integrate mindful movement across disciplines, including health care, education, and the arts. 

The Board of Directors and the General Circle of the Working Members ask you to join OFI in ensuring that this work is sustainable and that anyone who wants to participate, can.

We invite you to join us at any level for any of the following programs. Every gift is a generous gift.

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Our Programs.

Invest In The Future Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to raise investment capital of $300,000 to build capacity to increase earned revenue so that the trainings become self-sustaining. The investment will pay for part-time executive and marketing directors, and increased hours for operations and production staffThere will also be strategic investments ininformation technology and online contentOnce this investment is realized, future fundraising will focus on OFI philanthropic activities such as scholarships and grants.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund

OFI provides scholarships to increase the diversity of OFI students and teachers. The scholarships may be used for any of the foundational or advanced trainings. To qualify for the scholarship, prospective students demonstrate a commitment to diversity as it relates to their interest in mindful movement for personal healing, professional growth, and community building. Priority is given to applicants who belong to racial, religious, cultural, sexual identity, geographic, and ability groups that have traditionally been underrepresented populations in the field of mindful movement and conscious dance.

Community Grants Fund

Open Floor International is developing a Fund for grants to help bring Open Floor to communities that need and request it. The grants will be used based on an expressed need in the community, and the availability of an OFI trained teacher with skills that meet the community need. Although the process for awarding the grant funds is in development, the Fund is open to contributions. The goal is to have this fund making awards once the two other Funds are up and running.

Business Sponsorships

Would you like to support Open Floor International in any of the above areas, and get some visibility for your business? If so, see our Sponsorship Brochure, here.

Event Sponsorships

Interested in sponsoring Open Floor, Open House? Click here

Ground Floor Lab Scholarship Fund

Find out more about how we make our Training Programs accessible with our scholarship fund.

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Words From Our Donors and Sponsors

"I am impressed"

"I am impressed with how Open Floor International uses movement and the arts as a means to learn, heal, and build community. Open Floor nurtures self-expression, creativity, mindfulness, and fun. With my donation, I want to help the organization expand its reach so more people around the world can embody this approach in their daily lives and neighborhoods.​
Margaret W.

"I felt a resonance"

I grew up spiritually combining Movement and Meditation. So when I learned more about the non-profit work of Open Floor, I felt a certain resonance with it and was inspired to sponsor. Malimba Records brings music to conscious living in the same way that Open Floor is bringing more consciousness to communities one mover at a time.”
Shastro Rodella

"I want to support well-being

"I am an Open Floor teacher. I became 6 weeks ago the grandmother of baby Lucie and will be a grandma again in January. I am also a chef de cuisine and I love to compare dance to good, healthy food: it should be a right and not a privilege! I want to support the organization to expand in order to help other « Lucies » to grow up in a climate of well-being, mental and physical health."
Open Floor Teacher

"I want diversity and inclusion"

“I want to see the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship fund grow quickly, so that the gifts of Open Floor can be shared inclusively. I have confidence that OF can do this because I've seen its responses in actions as well as words to BLM and related calls for solidarity and change this year. While I am all in favor of sweeping political and economic change, I know that it is the daily/weekly practices which bring people together for good which make change last, and OF fits that definition beautifully.”

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