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“Emotions are physiological cascades that want to complete their cycles, and they will complete those cycles when you allow them to; they want to be travelers, not residents.” Emily Nagoski

Encounter is a modern re-visioning of the 60’s Encounter groups explored within an Open Floor movement practice, created by Open Floor Founder Andrea Juhan. It is an exhilarating group process that has evolved out of Gestalt Awareness Practice, psychodrama, somatic psychotherapy, and Authentic Movement.

Encounter is a carefully structured and implemented mindful ritual and a powerful compassion practice embedded in embodied movement, which supports students to connect with, and express, powerful feelings that emerge in the process.

It is an active constantly shifting format of group interaction. All participants are recognized and involved as an important part in the unfolding wholeness of the process. Regardless of how one is feeling, there is a place to be with that, in an embodied way.

Open Floor Encounter is offered in a variety of formats, including:

  • Encounter Fundamentals: an introduction workshop. This can be a week long, a weekend, or a series of one-day workshops.
  • Unfolding Encounters: a series of workshops, over time, with the same group members.
  • On-going Encounter Groups: these groups are designed to focus more deeply on the interactions the group members have with each other over time. These groups, called Undercurrents with Andrea, meet for five modules, each lasting 4-6 days, over 2.5 years.
  • Movers investigate underlying personal and interpersonal issues that arise spontaneously in the group.
  • One person at a time chooses to come onto the Open Floor and moves with whatever is calling their attention in the moment. Other dancers will be invited to come up to support this mover by mirroring exactly his/her moves and words.
  • We witness ourselves as we are mirrored by others, embracing and embodying our own shapes and movements with the support of the group. This ability to witness each other, as well as oneself, is an essential part of Encounter. Witnessing, as well as the chance to be seen and heard by others, supports each participant’s capacity to change, become more fluid and has a profound impact on the individual, as well as the group. Collectively and individually, we allow each and every part that emerges from us to move through our bodies in dance.
  • We use the Core Movement Resources to explore and develop new skills.
  • We take time for dancing and moving to enter, and settle, the process work.

Encounter workshops are for those who:

  • are interested in exploring and moving beyond habitual patterns and protective defenses.
  • are curious to challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions you have about yourself and others.
  • want to learn embodied skills to connect with and express powerful feelings within a group setting.
  • are looking for a profound opportunity to know yourself and be known, to learn to stand in intensity and make clear choices, both individually and collectively.

Encounter Fundamentals workshops are open to dancers with 12 hours of Open Floor Movement Practice. Other Encounter workshops and on-going groups may require different prerequisites. Please check the calendar for more information.

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20jun(jun 20)12:00 pm233:00 pmTogether: Open Floor Encounter FundamentalsWorkshop with Christine Havens12:00 pm (20) - 3:00 pm (23) PST Aldermarsh Retreat Center, Clinton, WAType:Workshop,EncounterWorld Region :US&Canada - North AmericaCountry :United StatesTeachers:Christine Havens

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