Open Floor Encounter Testimonials

"I was close to the last to participate before the Open Floor Encounter weekend was to be over. I had prepared myself for what I wanted to share, when all of a sudden the grief of having lost my mother in childhood surfaced. Could the pain be more raw and in the moment, even though it happened 5 decades ago? My heart retched as I bellowed sobs. The tears out of my eyes would not stop. I was sweetly held in the safe container of our group.   This experience left me with an openness and security I have never before embodied. I experienced in this  group that I can be vulnerable and I can heal deep grief.  I thank the process and our group for holding me. I can now dance with abandon.”  

…Leslie Fields, Teacher, Seattle, Washington


"My experience with Christine in  Encounter was, and remains, profound. The ripples continue to shift, transform and shape me even today, orienting me towards health and integration. Christine's ability to use knowledge, intuition and wisdom is profound and not easy to find. I am grateful for her "being” on the open floor. This work is one of many medicines in her pouch." 

…Jim Kragtwick, Business Consultant, Vancouver, Canada


“Undercurrents has been an amazing transformational journey for me!  It has been 6 years since the ending of the last module and I still feel the strong effect of the process. In every module I took a deep deep dive into the depths of myself, touching places of deep raw pain. I have witnessed my patterns, made inquiries of where they came from and how they served me and how they do today, and moved through whatever was there.  Andrea, as a teacher, offers a very safe space to dive in bringing the combination of wisdom, compassion and humor and a deep understanding of what it is to be human….”

…Idit Avni, Movement Therapist, Israel


“It's a bit hard to summarize in a few sentences the experience and huge effect of 2.5 years of work in Undercurrents.  What an incredible gift and rare opportunity to dive deep into the landscapes of ME within a shared, creative, dynamic landscape of WE. I signed up for Undercurrents already an experienced Dance/Movement Therapist and movement teacher, with tons of workshop hours behind me and a wide range of experiences in self-development, emotional work and spirituality. Yet, this body of work proved to be the single context in which I really could meet fully all aspects and parts of myself.   The structure of Open Floor Encounter is now embedded in me for good - my clear witness is right there, available and awake, as I keep stepping into the open floor of my life (with fun and dynamic side stepping into the Window every now and again!).” 

…Rivi Diamond, Movement Therapist, Group Facilitator, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher and a Founding Member of Open Floor International, Israel


"I have found that Encounter work is an opportunity to look deeply at myself and others while feeling incredibly supported.  I am not exaggerating when I say I have had the experience of 15 minutes on the open floor being more meaningful than a year of therapy. “ 

…Debby Haase, Teacher, Bainbridge Island, Washington


"For me the Encounter process allowed me to laugh at myself after many years of self doubt and self criticism.  For me, a door to my insane patterns of control was unlocked and opened just a crack.... enough that I am able to see my patterns more quickly and change them.  I am also clear that healing from the trauma of my past is not something that I am able to do alone.” 

…Brent Williamson, Manager, Seattle, Washington