Fast Track Information


Our goal is for Open Floor to mean a mark of excellence and integrity in the field of embodiment teaching.   

We welcome interested, skilled and seasoned 5Rhythms teachers to Open Floor Movement Practice.  We’re excited to include those who would like to explore the teaching curriculum we’re developing, and who share the deeply held values of the group of teachers creating Open Floor International. 

In the spirit of inclusion, and respect for long-term friends and colleagues, we designed two shorter paths for learning Open Floor Movement Practice in a way that honors your training and teaching experience. 

This path is for:   

  • Current 5Rhythms teachers (trained by Gabrielle, and therefore teachers we’ve had a hand in training) and 
  • Those who have completed a 5R Movement Therapy Training program with Andrea.  

This will be in place until August 2016 – after that it is subject to change as we are evolving rapidly.   

All 5R teachers who want to become Open Floor teachers:  


Attend a Ground Floor Lab (formerly called Common Ground Lab) by August 2016  


Fill out the Fast Track application online, which includes:

  • Application form
  • Self-assessment  skills checklist:  This is a comprehensive list of the skills needed to hold an Open Floor, and will be the basis of our Teacher Training Program.  As a seasoned teacher, many of these are skills you already possess.  Some will be new to you (such as Open Floor Curriculum). 
  • Learning Plan:  Look at the skills you don’t have yet and identify how you learn them (mentoring, taking a course, online study, etc.) 


Choose a “fast-track” graduation path (#1 or #2 - see below) to learn Open Floor and build needed skills 


Find a Founding Member willing to support your application.  If individual mentoring is wanted or needed, there will be an hourly fee (to be determined). 


Return the application package to the Fast Track Circle  


Do the work – i.e., complete your Learning Plan 


Contact the Fast Track Circle for an application for graduation. 

Return your completed application, which will include: 

  • your  learning agreement 
  • demonstrated completion of path #1 or #2 
  • any OF and/or outside courses attended  
  • record of Learning Circles attended, OF classes taught, etc.  
  • letter of support/recommendation from at least one Founding Member 

When consented, you’ll be listed on the Open Floor International website as a graduate.  

This is not a working membership in OFI.  That’s a possible next step if you’re interested. 

Fast-Track Graduation Paths:  

Path #1    

  • Attend one core module (you are always welcome to attend more). There will be 10 allotted slots in each core module for 5R fast track participants.  Modules cost approximately $2000 each. 
  • Attend a minimum of 10 Online Learning Circles to learn Open Floor Movement Practice, led by OFI Founding Members.  There is a charge of $25 per session. 
  • Teach 10 Open Floor classes (or equivalent in workshops)    
  • Read your choices of books from the OF Teacher Reading list 
  • Take any outside courses needed to build skills and complete Learning Plan. 
  • Apply to Fast Track Circle for graduation consent     


Path #2  

This choice involves a much more self-directed approach to learning Open Floor language and skills, getting peer mentoring, feedback and learning opportunities without attending a module. 

  • Attend a minimum of 10 Online Learning Circles to study Open Floor Movement Practice, led by OFI Founding Members. There is a charge of $50 per session. 
  • Teach 10 or more Open Floor workshops and/or classes for at least 6 months   
  • Read your choices of books from the OF Teacher Reading list 
  • Take any outside courses needed to build skills and complete Learning Plan. 
  • Apply to Fast Track Circle for graduation consent  

Whatever path you choose, you’re encouraged to use other resources to learn Open Floor: 

  • Select another 5R learning peer partner to design, deliver and debrief your OF teaching experiences (highly recommended!) 
  • Create a peer circle to debrief classes and books with other teachers 
  • Listen to online audio library of Learning Circle calls    
  • Attend Open Floor workshops and classes    
  • Attend additional Learning Circles, as desired  
  • Ask Founding Members for individual mentoring, feedback, coaching or support as needed. Mentoring fees to be arranged with your chosen mentor.