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'Mr Gaga' comes to town!   New York Times, January 27, 2017

The film director Tomer Heymann entered — or barged — into the life of the Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin 25 years ago, first as his waiter at a cafe and then as the boyfriend of one of his dancers. He became obsessed with Mr. Naharin’s work and in 2007 persuaded him to let him film his creative process for “Out of Focus,” a documentary about Mr. Naharin’s experience with the now-defunct Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York.

But Mr. Heymann wanted more — to do another, longer documentary. Most artists would be flattered, but not Mr. Naharin. “I don’t like to leave evidence,” he said. Eventually, though, he caved in to Mr. Heymann’s request to make another film about his life and work.  Read More


Theatres and music venues to experience around the world

Bouffes Du Nord in Paris
The Globe in London
Herodian Theatre Athens
St James Church, Main St, Grove, Co. Kerry, Ireland



Kate Tempest performs War Music (After Logue) with improvised music from the Tongue Fu Band (Arthur Lea - keys, Riaan Vosloo - bass, Patrick Davey - drums) for Tongue Fu Flicks, a commission for

David Bowie's Black Star

In 2012 at MoMA they made the documentary "The Artist is Present" (HBO Documentary Films) by Matthew Akers and Jeff Dupree, the Abramović remained for three months, impassive, sitting on a chair and turns visitors could sit in a chair opposite.  Watch a clip here!